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19 inch digital picture frames

Wide view and rich color, easy to use with remote control for displaying or hang it on the wall. This stylish and bullish product just enough for showing your pictures anywhere you want to put it.

You'll love this large, high-quality display, This size frame's LCD has rich colors and lots of image adjustment features. 19 inch digital picture frame come with 1280*1024 resolution, which is the highest resolution in today's popular market. This category products also support TV, AV, S-video output, suport DVD, VCD, CD,Mp3, Jpg, Mpeg and Vob format files.

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19 inch digital frame acrylic
19 inch digital frame acrylic

This 19 inch digital frame screen shows-off your pictures with the backlight. Choose from a range of transition tim...

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Market price: $399.00
Our price: $269.99 , save 32%

Easy Buying Tips

Since it's founding in 2005, Digital Outlet has grown to become a large online retailer of certified digital frames. We offer most kind of new designed digital frames, our customer can find everything they need to know to share the wonder of a digital frame!

1. Aspect Ratio:The aspect ratio refers to the number of horizontal pixels to vertical pixels in a display. Traditional displays used a 4:3 aspect ratio. Most new widescreen monitors use either a 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The 16:9 is the ratio typically used for HDTVs. Now a new breed of ultra wide monitors is coming to market. These have a near 2:1 width to high measurements.

2. Contrast Ratios:Contrast ratios are a big marketing tool by the manufacturers and one that is not easy for consumers to grasp. Essentially, this is the measurement of the difference in brightness from the darkest to brightest portion on the screen. The problem is that this measurement will vary throughout the screen. This is due to the slight variations in the lighting behind the panel. Manufacturers will use the highest contrast ratio they can find on a screen, so it is somewhat deceptive. Basically a higher contrast ratio will mean that the screen will tend to have deeper blacks and brighter whites.

3. Remote Control:Most digital picture frame come with a remote control, let you operate remotely, either turn on/off or change displaying data. A remote control is a good feature when you want to control often, or you need to hung the picture frame away from easy touch place, like on a wall, then the remote control can be much useful.

19 inch digital frame acrylic 19 inch digital frame acrylic
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Money Saving Tips

Not Branded? Works Great!

If it is a 'generic','no name' branded digital picture frames product. I have personally never seen a problem occur with any of these type of generic digital frames items and why should there be, there's not much that could go wrong.

Remember you will always get a really good bargain if you never pay a marked retail store price, always do your price comparisons by simply shopping around, and then even further negotiate that lowest price you find with a salesperson or even with the store itself, because then you will always get the digital picture frame you need at the exactly the price you want to pay.

By Deyas, (from Seattle) on 05/21/2009.
Good products and fantastic customer support

Wrote: I bought one 7 inch digital frame for my office. I love the frame design and it is easy to use. I also use it as my clock, have it play music in the background and play slide shows of my vacation pictures. Their customer service is highly recommend, quick email response. I really like this store and it's p0roducts. Will surely recommend to my friends.

By Bruice Couch, on 08/06/2009.
Buy a frame as anniversary gift

Wrote: I got frame for my husband as an anniversary gift in August, the first digital products that attracts me. It was completely easy to use and beautiful image showing.

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