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digital frame manufacture

In 2003, Our Chairman Vincent Chen set up a Digital Frame Manufacture and began to produce digital products, now, a 2000 square meters of workshop has been build in ShenZhen only for Digital Picture Frames, with 50 professional workers, we are capable to produce 100'000 Digital Frames per year.

Our cost control and automated work line has no equal in the marketplace, which save a lot of our cost. 40% of our products exported to North America market. Our company continues to capitalize and expand to gain rising market share. Digital Frames are the simplest, fastest, easiest way to share their digital treasures, our digital frame manufacture target is produce cheapest while high quality Digital Photo Frame. Our quality control and cost control program make our market continue speeding up, new technology like WiFi can send photos from a computer or laptop with wireless connection directly to Digital Photo Frames.

Our outlet manufacture continues to lead in innovation and customer service. Our patented technology is designed for easy of use and incorporates the benefits of digital photography into everyday life.

Work Shop

Digital frame Manufacturers around the world are now looking at adding more features to digital frames, comparing to other multimedia device, those enhancement such as larger LCDs, Bluetooth, integrated Wi-Fi, mobile TV, GPS, Touch Panels, and more to lure customers. Apart from the Digital Frame Manufacture from China, major players in the market include HP, Phillips, ViewSonic, Kodak, Transcend,Sony, Ceiva and Samsung.

Digital frames are simply accessories to help you share your life. To make a decision what fits where is an important factor in buying a digital frames. Digital frames come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, multiple frames, rectangle, square, key chain, egg style, pencil holder, desk clock and on. Each of these come in many different sizes from 1 inch key chain style to 20 inch majestic digital frame, as well you can find them in any color. If you don't like the color comes with, don't worry there are digital frame manufactures make changeable mattes, just look for it when you are shopping.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best digital photo frame for your needs:

1. Size - Size is the key factor to price. Which size should I buy? you may ask. Is that means the bigger the better? While, decision is made on your preferred size, and where you should put it. Your digital photo frame can be as small as your key chain to as big as your 20 inch TV. If you put it on your office desk, a 7-10 inch is more fittable, if you want put it on the wall, you may think about a larger size over 10 inch.

2. Quality - Quality is a big concern when you shopping digital frames, is your photo frame worth the price? By quality here we do not mean features and add-ons, but the resolution, pixel and display of pictures. The basic idea is more pixels can give you more detail when you explore an picture.

3. Enhancements - Most digital frames today have lot of features. Just compare the add-ons of your preferred frame size with others, and compare the price. Some features are basic, like slide show pictures, multiple display, play movies, play music, certain frames have add-ons like calendar, clock, and some have advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity etc. The more sophisticated it gets the higher its price will be.

Set a digital frame on a table, grab a key chain digital frame and show those vacation photos to anyone anytime. Hang a digital frame on the wall and show off your memory. Digital frames are sort of like candles to draw people's attention, now it's time to buy one and listen for the compliments!

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