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digital frame material

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Frame is designed to protect pictures or frangible LCD, picture frames have varies in todays market, some are made of real wood just like traditionally static picture frames, other material including aluminum, glass, crystal, plastic, polystyrene or even pearl sea shells.

Gilding is common among digital picture frame, some picture frames have elaborate mouldings. Complicated frames are often made of moulded or gilded plaster over a wood or plastic base.

For old picture frames, pictures are framed under glass, except for the those most disposable and inexpensive displays, there must be some space between glass and the surface of the paper. This is done by placeing a lining of plastic "spacers", stacking two mouldings with the glass in between. If the paper were to touch the glass face directly, picture would stick on it.

Protection also is needed for digital frame pictures, a think film transistor liquid crystal display(TFT-LCD), which use thin film transistor(TFT) technology to improve picture image quality, it is used in TV and computer display also. a well done frame can protect a LCD when it drop to hard ground form table.

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