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digital frame options and features

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Size and Quality is key to digital frame price, but Digital frames options and features are also a crucial factor to scale a digital frame products. Brand digial frame manufactures always want to lead the renovative technology in this field.

There are some basic features almost all digital frames support now adays, the ability to store and display a series of photos in a slide show format is support by all products, also including playing music and movie, some certain products have calendar and alarm. Those features are important for a digital frame product to attract attention of customers. But not enough, now manufactures are producing products that can support WiFi, touch screen support, word documents reader, online explore etc. More complexity more attractive for customer.

There are many features to consider when you buy a digital frame, like most electronics devices, digital picture frames can possess a variety of other functions that can enhance the experience of enjoying photos.

Digital frame option and features vary as far as more sophisticated with motion sensors that power the display on after sensing movement. Some of the handier digital frames will orient pictures vertically or horizontally so that they are consistently displayed in the appropriate format. Pictures also can be re-sized automatically to assure that they fit on the screen to display the full image. Most digital picture frames also allow manipulation of the image via a remote control.

Digital Frames sales have been massive during the 2007 Christmas season, and according to, one of the US leading shopping websites, Digital Frames are going to be equally strong sellers in recent years. "Everyone who has a digital camera will also want to keep a digital Frame," said Vincent, CEO of "With digital camera sales rise in 2007, there's an almost unlimited growth potential for Digital Frames!"

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