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digital frame view angle

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Digital frame using LCD displays as screen, LCD have a limited angle to view best, they will lack of contrast and become hard to read at other angles, while have more contrast and are easier to read at others. Viewing angle is determined by LCD fluid primarily. Viewing angle is normally very small than most people would like.

Unlike a conventional picture frame, digital photo frames suffer from the same problem as most LCD screens: limited viewing angle. A wide viewing angle, measured in degrees from the horizontal and vertical, means that the image on the screen won’t only be visible when you’re standing directly in front. The maximum viewing angle is 180 degrees in each direction, but a typical value is 160 degrees.

Vertical visual display on the scope of the parallel axis as the center. Viewing angle to "degree" as a unit, compared commonly used form of direct tagging marked the horizontal, vertical scope, such as: 150/130 degrees, the lowest for the 120/100 degree viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) , Below this value can not accept, to achieve the best of more than 150/120.

The poor viewing angle of LCD is frustrating, if you want to see view angle effect, simply turn your lcd around in front of your face, then you will see different brightness of the entire display change dramatically. Looking carefully when you shopping from other vendor specifications, then you may know different view angle of products when you're making the purchase.

LCD's produce their image by having a film that when a current runs through the pixel, it turns on that shade of color. The problem with the LCD film is that this color can only be accurately represented when viewed straight on. The further away from a perpendicular viewing angle, the color will tend to wash out. The LCD monitors are generally rated for their visible viewing angle for both horizontal and vertical. This is rated in degrees and is the arc of a semicircle whose center is at the perpendicular to the screen. A theoretical viewing angle of 180 degrees would mean that it is fully visible from any angle in front of the screen. A higher viewing angle is preferred over a lower angle unless you happen to want some security with your screen.

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