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precautions maintenance

Most digital picture frames is only for indoor use (On the wall or on desk). To reduce the risk of electric shock and protect it for long time use, please do not expose this product to rain, sun shine or moisture.

Do not block the ventilation holes on the back of the digital frame at any time. Always use the eject buttons on the memory storage cards slots to remove the memory storage cards. Do not open the case of the Digital picture frame. There is a risk of electric shock, and there are no user serviceable parts inside. Opening the case will void your warranty. Do not use the digital frame if conditions could allow condensation to occur, or damage may result.

Digital picture frame is a big screen production starring your life. And the perfect way to playback your favorite pictures, songs, and videos. this black wood frame looks great anywhere in your home or office. With the programmable alarm clock/calendar.

Store and save your media on 256MB of free internal memory. plus, this picture frame 6-in-1-card reader supports nearly every available memory card. Convenient remote control allows you to navigate through the frame's many features from the comfort of your sofa. Place it on a nightstand or table or hang it on a wall. The photo frame can turn your life into a work of art.

Safety and Maintaining

Please take the following factors into consideration for to assure your digital multi-media photo frame can keep wearable and reliable in long-term.
  • 1. Read the warn and note in assistant introduction of the digital photo frame and manipulate according to it.
  • 2. Pay a perusal to the manual when you use it at the first time.
  • 3. The photo frame is not waterproof then you must avoid the water or water liquid splash on it.
  • 4. Avoiding stress or bang on the photo frame, excess pressure or bump will lead to the injury or malfunction of the photo frame parts, then please put the digital photo frame on a smooth facies in case it will drop down then go wrong.
  • 5. LCD screen is one of the important parts of digital photo frame, then please cherish it and strictly prohibit bumping
  • 6. Close the digital picture frames before cleaning with clear soft cloth not.

Spray or intense cleanser, the care of LCD screen: LCD screen is a precise set in need of carefully treatment. Please pay attention to following items:

  • 1. Use soft chiffon to wipe the facies of the LCD
  • 2. Avoid finger or sharp things touching the face of the LCD, let alone spray the cleanser to the screen face.
  • 3. Do not put goods above the digital photo frame or press the crust of it heavily, otherwise the LCD may get break.
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