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wireless digital frame

It now looks like the digital photo frame has moved on from being a physical product rebuilt in the digital world (with all its physical world disadvantages) to being re-engineered to really take advantage of things you could never do with old-fashioned wooden picture frames.

We’re talking about digital picture frames that are:

    * connected to the web with a built-in wifi card (although you can plug in all the various memory cards as well if you don’t have a wireless network) so can be placed anywhere in the house
    * the frame has a unique email address so your friends and family can just email pictures to it
    * equally you can receive a picture by email and just hit ‘Forward’ and it’s on your frame
    * because of the frame backlighting, pictures look better than those sitting in old metal picture frames
    * intelligent: pictures are synched and managed from a website where you can even tell the frame who you’ll accept photos from, when to turn on & off, and how long to display each photo in your slideshow
    * social media linked: if you’re into pictures via Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Myspace, Photobucket etc it will accept feeds directly (our frame is streaming a photo feed from Flickr)

Desktop versus wall-mounted photo frames

To really take advantage of these frames you need a wireless network. The next question is whether you are looking for something for a desk or whether you are after big-impact wall-mounted frames.
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