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how much does a digital frame cost

Digital Frames, sometimes called Digital Picture Frames or Digital Photo Frames, contain an LCD screen usually 6-10" across, about the size of a medium-sized framed photo you might put on a desk or mantle. Digital frames let you flip through a slide show of your personal photographs by connecting to your computer, connecting to the Internet, or by attaching a digital camera to the frame to read the photos into the frame.
Typical costs:
  • Small, keychain-sized or small desk frames can be found for $30-$100. Examples include the Royal 1.4" Digital Frame with travel clock at and the Smartparts Personal Digital Keychain Photo Album at Some users have complained that small, low-end models display poor quality images that are difficult to view due to their small size.
  • Midrange digital frames offer a solid choice displaying digital images 5-6" in size for about $80-$120. Examples include the 5.6" Digital Spectrum Picture Frame in white or .
  • High end Digital Picture Frames display images 6.5"-10" in size. The Philips 6.5" Digital Picture Frame is highly rated and various models range from $175-$200 depending on the frame color and inserts .
What should be included:
  • Almost all models come with a USB cable to connect to your computer or digital camera.
  • Some frames, such as the Philips Digital Photo Frame come with frame inserts in different colors.
Additional costs:
  • Some models offer additional frames you can buy for $10-$20.

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